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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Yesterday was a day of new stuff. I got new contacts and a new pet. :-) My new contacts are gas permeable, not soft lenses, so they're going to take some getting used to. I still blink a lot when I wear them. But I can see more clearly (when I'm not blinking), so hopefully the blinking will decrease as my eyes get used to them.
Yesterday I also got an albino leopard gecko. I've been wanting a turtle or a lizard for a while now, and yesterday I finally went to the pet store to look at them. Apparently turtles require cleaning like every other day, so X-nay on the turtle. There were these little cute rock dragons, but they grow up to be big and kinda evil looking, so NO on the rock dragon. But then the pet store owner showed me these little geckos; one was brown and tan (regular color) and the other was white and tanish (albino). They were both really cute, and I couldn't decide which one to get. But then a little kid came in and bought the regular color one, so the little albino came home with me. I haven't named him yet, waiting for inspiration to strike. He's still kind of skittish, but he seems to like his new home, especially his little cave that he can hide under. Supposedly when leopard geckos get older and used to their owner, they'll sit on the owner's lap or shoulder and just watch. The pet store owner said that one woman lets her leopard gecko go for a ride on her vacuum whenever she cleans.

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