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Monday, September 08, 2003

I went up to LA for the weekend. It was really good to see Michelle, and catch up with each other's lives. The weekend was pretty mellow, just talking mostly. But it was soo hot up there, that I really didn't want to do much more. On the way back, I took the 15 down instead of the 5, like I usually do. It was really nice to see the mountains. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live off in the mountains, away from the city. Part of me thinks it would be really cool, but another part of me thinks it would be lonely.
I got back last night, and Mai and I fed Gizmo. He's soo cute when he eats. He stalks the crickets and then pounces, almost like a cat. And because we have to coat the crickets in white vitamin powder, after Gizmo eats a cricket, he gets white powder around his mouth, and it looks like he just ate a sugar-coated donut. :-)
Today I'm busy doing laundry and getting ready to leave for Chicago. I'm also teaching my first classes of fall session at the Kroc Center. I hope I have a good number of kids in my classes. Last week, there were only like two kids signed up for each class. Oh well.
I'm off to put stuff in the dryer and prepare choreography for my classes!

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