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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I went to Vegas recently for a conference, and it was so nice to be able to get away! Even though the conference was about store stuff, I made time to get a massage, which was so relaxing, and to go see a show. I saw Le Reve at the new Wynn. The show was absolutely spectacular! I always like Cirque shows because I love to see the limits of human potential - all the different acrobatic and aerial acts just amaze and inspire me! Le Reve combined aerial acts with water. The theater was specially built for the show. It's theater-in-the-round with all the seats surrounding the water. In the middle of the water, the stage can be lowered and raised from a totally open pool where the artists dive into from high above to a multi-layer "cake" that they dive off of. I loved the water aspect of the performance (the Pisces in me), and I loved the extremely buff guys in the performance (watching them do acrobatics and dives is so much better than any Chippendales - functional fitness wins out over muscles-for-muscles-sake!), but the best part of Le Reve was that it really was an ensemble show. The Cirque shows I've seen before tend to be different 1-5 person acts loosely strung together into the show. But with Le Reve, most of the different songs/acts included at least half the cast, all performing full-out, into and out of the water and back again. It was like a chorus musical without singing and with lots of water. Anyway, to paraphase, I loved Le Reve! :-)