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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

An interesting look at our (possible) future...


I tend to think that personalization is a good thing (I love Amazon recommendations!) But it is possible to take personalization too far, like anything. However there is definitely a need for some sort of organization and prioritization of all of the information out there. I think I've heard some statistic that we receive more information each week/day/hour than our grandparents received in their lifetime. But how do we know what is correct, what is important, what we should remember? Or do we even need to remember anything now, since we can look it all up on Google?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

One of my goals for 2006 is that I want to start selling dancewear and shoes online through our (currently informational) website www.superdancewear.com

So I've been investigating different ecommerce shopping cart software, and now sometimes when I go to different ecommerce sites, I know what software they're using, because of the template and features. It's kinda cool!

If anyone out there knows of an excellent POS/CRM/ecommerce software solution, please let me know! So far I have been able to find good solutions in the separate fields, but I have not been able to find good software that integrates them all. Or if you want to program a custom solution/help me program it, that would work too! :-)
Upside-Down Christmas Tree!

What would happen if you turned your Christmas tree upside-down? The upside-down tree needs less floor space, the ornaments hang away from the tree so you can actually see them, and best of all, there's more room for presents under the tree!



A very interesting concept - whether it's a 2005 fad or something that will actually last longer is yet to be seen, but it certainly made some companies extra money this year.

What every-day concept can you turn upside-down? What if instead of lamps and lights that shine down on us, we had floor lights that shine light up? What if instead of having the freezer over the fridge, we had the freezer on the bottom and the fridge section on top (I think I've seen an appliance like this already)?
"Celebrate what you've accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed."
Mia Hamm (1972 - )American soccer player, Olympic gold medalist

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that everyone had a great 2005. Now is the time that many people assess what they've done in the past and make resolutions for the future. What went well for you in 2005? What did not go exactly as you might have hoped? What can you learn from your successes and your failures as you go forward in life? What would make 2006 a fabulous year for you? A year from now, what will you wish that you had started today?

Ok, now that you've thought about it, what will you actually do in 2006 to demonstrate how fabulously cool you are? Planning is wonderful, but you must take action to for your life to actually get better.

"People are anxious to improve their circumstances, but often are unwilling to improve themselves; therefore they remain bound." - James Allen

What steps will you take this year to improve yourself? What steps will you take this month to improve yourself? What steps will you take this week to improve yourself? What steps will you take today to improve yourself? Ok, now stop reading my blog, and go do those steps!

Go do them now! Yes, it's nice to procrastinate, but the longer you procrastinate, the longer it will take you to get to where you want to be. Don't you want to get there sooner?!?

So stop asking, "Are we there yet?" Get off your butt and go take action right now. I'm going to go take action towards my goals right now; you can too! :-)