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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

So my big personal goal for the summer is to get buff! :-) I don't really need to lose any fat, but I want to gain muscle. I've signed up for three gymnastics classes (and a dance class for fun), and I'm already a YMCA member, so I can work out there. So my goals by the end of September (although most of it should happen before then, since September is going be sooo busy!)...
1) Weigh 120lbs. Last time I weighed myself at the Y, I was 108, so I think gaining about a pound a week is reasonable. And I have weighed 115lbs before (muscle, not fat), so I think 120 is possible.
2) Be able to do left & right splits, and be close to doing center.
3) Be able to hit & hold a handstand, and tuck out of it.
4) Be able to hold a bridge for a minute.
5) Be able to do round-offs on both sides.
6) Be able to backbend into and out of a bridge.

I might be adding more or modifying these as I see how I progress. Check back for updates! I have my first gymnastics skills class last night, and then had my first gymnastics workout class tonight - I have a feeling I'm going to be sore tomorrow.
Ok - off to bed since I have to wake up early tomorrow. So much to do tomorrow since our July Anniversary flyers have to be ready to mail by Thursday. Night! :-)

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