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Monday, June 07, 2004

I am done!! Well, mostly. My group paper is done and turned in, and the one final that I had to take is done! I have to attend finals tomorrow and Thursday, but no real studying or work needed. Tomorrow is the final for the class that I'm TAing for. I'll have to grade those finals, but I like grading. On Thursday, I have to go listen to presentations by other groups. But other than that, I'm done with this term! :-) Although now I have a ton of stuff to do at Applause, and I'm going to Chicago to visit my parents, and I'm off to a workshop for 5 days later this month. And then summer school! Which I'm hoping will be fun or at least interesting, since I'm taking Latin and a European History class that focuses on literature (we get to read Sherlock Holmes!) So despite the fact that I'm almost done, it doesn't really mean that I'm any less busy, just that I'm busy with stuff that I like more.

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